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Hellfire was an unusually well-produced zine from David Roach (with the early assistance of Ian Jenkins). The first 1984 issue had a John Ridgeway cover and an interview with Alan Moore and Garry Leach (who were at that point doing their thing with Marvelman in Warrior). There was also a strip by David himself, Vander, and it was amusing to see this given I’d just read his latest Judge Dredd strip, which featured a woman who wouldn’t be out of place here (though better drawn, of course). In addition to the interview, the first issue had features on Starslayer, Born Again and French comics.

Issue 2 had a cover by Garry Leach and features on Batman, Alex Nino, Clarence Nash (the voice of Donald Duck), another episode of Vander, and a long David Lloyd interview, in which David is recounting the struggles to get V for Vendetta to people in a collected format. “Titan did very much want to do it [the album], but they wanted too much money… the original plans for V to be reprinted by Pacific have collapsed as most of you know, because Pacific’s gone under… vanished from sight.”

Issue 3 had a cover by David Roach and features on The Rocketeer, Milo Manara, Camelot 3000 and TV21. Commando and Warrior artist John Ridgeway was interviewed and there were strips such as Dicky Ducky and Rambo Goes to Russia

I’m not sure how many issues of Hellfire there were in all, but it was a great fanzine of its day, good to read and as well produced as any.

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